Fast Fuel Personal Account Application

This form is to apply for a Personal Fast Fuel Account for vehicle fuel. Follow this link if you need a Business Fast Fuel Account.

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Your Employment


Your Credit Information

E.g. WSECU, Bank of America
E.g. US Bank Visa, BECU Mastercard etc
E.g. US Bank Visa, BECU Mastercard etc
E.g. US Bank Visa, BECU Mastercard etc


Joint Applications


Your Fast Fuel Cards

You may have one or more Fast Fuel Cards attached to your account. For each card add a name as you would like it on the card and 5 digit PIN (Personal Identification Number).

Add one "name, PIN" for each card per line. Pin numbers must be 5 digits and must NOT start with "0". Each card may have the same or different PINs.

Note, by default, transactions are limited to 20 gallons per transaction and up to three separate transactions per a day. Contact us if you would like to change these limits.


Electronic Funds Transfer/ACH Authorization Agreement

Fast Fuel bills twice a month for every two weeks of fueling.
This can be done later, after the application is approved.

ACH Payment Method - Automatic payment out of a checking account.

This payment method requires you to receive your Fast Fuel statement by email.

Personal Accounts Twice a Month Billing – You will receive your statement by email on the 1st of the month and the total owed on that statement will be pulled from your checking account on the 5th of each month. You will receive your second statement on the 16th of the month and the total owed on that statement will be pulled from your checking account on the 20th of each month. The only exception to this is if the 1st, 5th, 16th or the 20th fall on a weekend or holiday it will be the next business day.



Note: The word “I” in the following agreement means myself as an individual person and/or the proprietorship named above and/or the partnership or corporation named above which has authorized me to legally represent it.

Safety Agreement:
I am familiar with safe self-service fueling procedure for cars and trucks. I understand and agree that smoking, open flames, sparks or other sources of ignition are strictly prohibited at all fueling locations. I understand that vehicle engines must always be turned off before fueling. I understand that filling of glass or other unapproved containers is illegal and prohibited.

Credit Agreement:
I hereby make application to FAST FUEL, a division of Acme Fuel Company, for credit. This agreement covers all charges on my FAST FUEL card lock account for purchases from participating vendors within the CFN card lock system. FAST FUEL provides me with services, which include credit, card lock access to a network of automated fuel sites, and a fuel management system. FAST FUEL is authorized to request, regarding me and the guarantor, a credit report or reports and information from bank and trade references to evaluate and update my credit worthiness.

In the event that I fail to pay any balance when due, I understand that the balance will accrue interest at eighteen percent (18%) from the due date until paid in full. In the event that the past due balance is referred for collection, I agree to pay all costs of collection, including collection fees, actual attorney’s fees and court costs. I understand that I am liable for the loss, theft, or unauthorized use of my fuel access card(s) until such a time that I report the lost card(s) to FAST FUEL and such reports is acknowledged by FAST FUEL.

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