New Credit/Payment Terms for Fast Fuel

1st January 2023


What is changing?

A: The main change is that we are moving from sending out one statement requiring one payment per month to two statements requiring two payments per month.

Why are you doing this?

A: While this has been an industry standard for years, Acme/Fast Fuel has always strived to keep things simpler for customers.  Unfortunately, with a changing marketplace and increasing costs, it has become obvious that we can’t continue to do so.  The other alternative would be to dramatically increase prices to help offset the additional costs; and we did not want to do that.

If I am on ACH payments, how will this affect me?

A: Instead of getting one email statement and one ACH draft per month, you will get 2.  Emailed statements will continue to arrive on the 1st (or first business day after) and you will receive a second emailed statement on the 16th (or first business day after). ACH drafts for your statement received on the 1st of the month remain the same – they will be pulled on the 5th for personal accounts and on the 10th for business accounts. Payments for the second statement emailed on the 16th of the month will be pulled out of your account on the 20th for personal accounts and on the 25th for business accounts.

I pay by check/credit card/bank payment, how will this affect me?

A: Like the answer above, you will get 2 statements either mailed or emailed.  Your payment would be due on the 15th for the 1st of month statement and the 30th for the mid-month statement. (If you pay through your bank’s online bill pay, you will want to initiate payment soon after receiving your bill as those payments are notoriously slow).

What happens if my payment is a few days late?

A: At Fast Fuel, we have always been fair and worked with customers.  For the first month or so, we will try and be lenient, but if it becomes a pattern, you risk having your cards shut off.  If the time goes to 30 days, your cards will be shut off until payment is made.  But as always, we will look at each case individually.  If it has never happened before and it was just an honest mistake, we will work with you.  But if there is a pattern, we will be more stringent.

How can I save the most money?

A: The way to get the best pricing is to receive emailed statements and be on ACH payment.  This way, you get your bill the fastest, and we automatically deduct payment from your account.  The BIGGEST benefit is you will receive an additional 5 cent per gallon discount off our normal Fast Fuel Card Price! Sign up at

I like your gas and stations, but I don’t like this and don’t want to change. What do I do?

A: We understand that change is hard and twice monthly billing can also be a hardship.  (This is the main reason we have resisted so long!) But we need to treat all our customers fairly.  So, if you can’t see your way to the new operations, we understand.  Fortunately, we do accept Visa and Mastercard at our locations.  So, you can still by our Top Tier ™ gas at great prices!

In order to continue to provide great service at great prices, this is what must be done.  Again, it is INDUSTRY STANDARD; so, we are simply moving in line with all of the other fleet fueling companies out there.

We truly appreciate your business, and we hope to keep you fueling for years to come!