I didn’t even realize this place was here. It’s awesome has the ethanol free fuel that I need for all my small engines and dirt bikes. Very clean and nice.
Local company that was right off the free way with reasonably priced gas. Perfect
Clean and well maintained
Gas is usually cheaper than other gas stations around. No gas station attendant or a convenience store.
I really enjoy this refueling location. And my car likes what they have available for sale.
Only place to get non ethanol
I like being able to get non-ethanol gas here. I drive a Chevy Volt and only use about 2 tanks of gas a year. Using non-ethanol let's me not worry about collecting water in my fuel.
Easy in and out. Burns slower
One of the only few stations in the area with non ethanol fuel!!
Great pric and good variety
Where we get gas
Easy way to get gas ⛽
Air pump on site (credit or change same price). 10% ethanol, non-ethanol, diesel, and DEF available here.
It's like the name says "FastFuel”
This place is always clean and well-maintained. Plenty of gas pumps and open 24/7 so I never have to wait.
Nice place to get ethanol free gas for boat.
Great clean place with nice pumps. Come here for the non ethanol gas
No frills gas
Great fuel, good price, easy access
They have non-ethanol ⛽.
Quick in and out. Renewed facilities.*** AUTOMATIC Social Distancing ***Great selection of fuel types along with DEF and air and drink machine.New modern fuel dispensers. They take most payment cards.Separate islands for large truck combos with high speed duel sided pumping.A special card plan for reduced rates.I use this facility al the time.Thanks for the improvements.
The newly remodeled station on Lily road is great.
The place to get your non-ethanol gas...
$3.84 per gallon for non ethanol gas. Just got it tonite 11/1/2019
Great place for ethanol free gas
Good prices a little hidden
Great place to get non-ethanol fuel.
I get my gas here everyday so you can say I come here quite often.
Ethanol free fuel.
Non ethonal 87 and 92 octane, diesel and ethonal provided. Easy purchase, to get reciept you must reinsert card in pay station.
Never a wait and great gas prices.
Never a line, and no ethanol gas to boot!I can count on one hand how many times in 5 years I have been to another gas station. I run the same equipment and vehicles year in and year out. No issues.
Easy in and out for this location... No alcohol in there premium fuels.. Great for boats and motorcycles
Always clean and well lit. They have no ethanol fuel perfect for small engines.
Used it for years.
Get ethanol free here and Premium ethanol free
Support a small business.
Great place that I purchase no ethanol gasoline
They have gas
I get my gas here just about every other day I go through roughly 50 gallons a week I'm just convenient there gas stations usually are good location
Pure gasoline ...
The pumps are a bit confusing at first, but once you go a time or two the non-ethanol gas is entirely worth it. They're all I use now if I have any choice. Well worth paying premium for it.
This is a great station with very good prices. It's well taken care of, plenty of pumps that are very easy to get in and out of. I don't remember ever finding a problem or equipment malfunction.
Great Local Company
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Fast Fuel operates gas stations that are open to the public 24/7/365 and are part of the nationwide CFN (Commercial Fueling Network) and Pacific Pride networks of 24/7 automated cardlock and retail fueling stations.

Being a Fast Fuel customer has many benefits. We offer competitive pricing, have clean, well-lit stations, both regular gasolines (E10 – with 10% ethanol) and Gasoline with no ethanol (clear gas or pure gas), and all of our gasoline is TOP TIER™

We also offer premium diesel for your cars and trucks. We have high volume diesel pumps for large trucks. 

We sell off road diesel and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) for newer diesel vehicles. Air and Water is available by coin or credit card.

We also offer a Group Discount Program for commercial accounts and a Rebate Program for fundraising groups. For more information, contact us!

With a Fast Fuel account both businesses and individuals save 10 cents off our credit card price with our Fast Fuel CFN card. Sign up for email statements and ACH withdrawal and receive an additional 5 cent per gallon discount off your bill!

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